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Cash envelope templates - Mortgage, transportation, Clothes, Rent, Misc.
Cash envelope templates - Mortgage, transportation, Clothes, Rent, Misc.
Cash envelope templates - Mortgage, transportation, Clothes, Rent, Misc.
Cash envelope templates - Mortgage, transportation, Clothes, Rent, Misc.

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20 Cash Envelope Templates For Every Area Of Your Life

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If you're looking for an easy way to handle your budget with cash, cash envelopes definitely come in handy.

You can easily keep track of every dollar you spend in every area of your life! Each envelope comes labeled with different spending situations and they also each come with a BLANK template without a title so you can customize and title it yourself for whatever you may need.

The set of 22 total pages also comes with free extra fill in labels so you can glue them over your card stock cash envelopes when you've completely filled it in for the month.

What you'll get:

  • 1 Mortgage/Rent Envelope
  • 1 Blank Mortgage/Rent Envelope
  • 1 Groceries Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Groceries Cash Envelope
  • 1 Personal Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Personal Cash Envelope
  • 1 Transportation Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Transportation Cash Envelope
  • 1 Gifts Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Gifts Cash Envelope
  • 1 Utilities Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Utilities Cash Envelope
  • 1 Clothes Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Clothes Cash Envelope
  • 1 Miscellaneous Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Miscellaneous Cash Envelope
  • 1 Vacation Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Vacation Cash Envelope
  • 1 Entertainment Cash Envelope
  • 1 Blank Entertainment Cash Envelope
  • 2 Pages of extra fill in labels for a fresh start you can cut and glue onto your envelopes
  • Also includes a quick start printables success guide so you get the most out of your printables!

Size: Envelope size to perfectly fit your dollar bills to be printed on letter sized paper. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is an instant digital download. You will NOT receive a physical product. It is to be printed in the comfort of your home.

If at any time you are unsatisfied with this product and want your money back, all you need to do is reach out to me and I will give you a 100% happiness guarantee refund (because if you're aren't happy with it, then I'm not either!) No questions asked!

Quick start directions: 

1. Once you've purchased your printables and received your download link, open with Adobe Acrobat

2. Choose which envelope templates you want to print and print them out preferably on card stock.

3. Once printed, cut out, fold along the lines, glue, and start using your envelopes!

4. Write down your starting cash balance for each cash envelope category (it's great to start with a clean slate at the beginning of the month), then every time you add or spend the money in your envelope make sure to record the transaction in each corresponding line. 

5. When your cash envelope log is full, print and cut out one of the free label templates provided with your purchase, line up and glue on your envelope for a fresh start. 

6. If you print out your cash envelopes on card stock, you can do this a couple of times until your envelope needs replacing. 

7. Enjoy your envelopes!