The Printables Success Guide

Printables Success Guide

If you’re a veteran printables printer then you have most of the things on this page pretty much down. 

If you’re new to printables, it’s okay! I’ve got a quick start guide to make sure you get the most out of your printable pages. 

Please note this PDF file isn’t editable on iPads or iPhones. You can only edit them on desktops or laptops.

  1. To Open Your Files You Need The Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (don’t worry, it’s FREE!)

If you use any other software other than the latest Adobe Reader you might not get the best results. 

Download Adobe Reader

You can download Adobe Reader for FREE over at:

Once you get on their website, just follow their download directions.

After installing Adobe Reader, here’s what to do next:

  • Open Adobe Reader and click File > Open and find your printable download PDF on your computer
  • You can choose which pages to print front and back and what size you want to print them (the standard size is letter, 8.5 X 11)

To Change Your Printables Size

  • Open your printables with Adobe Reader
  • Go to File > Print > Properties > Page Setup > Page Size and then promptly choose your prefered paper size and press okay

To Print Double-Sided

  • Open your printables with Adobe Reader
  • Go to File > Print > Properties > Page Setup >Check off the box named ‘Duplex Printing’ > Press Okay and Print

A Note On Borderless Printing

Some home printers let you do borderless printing, meaning when you print your printables, they don’t come out with extra border space around the edges of each page.

 It’s worth looking through your personal printer’s set up to see if that’s an option for you. I personally don’t do borderless printing, as I like the extra space around each page. 

Quick Printing Tips And FAQ

Your printables are meant to be printed on any at home printer. This means results and colors will vary depending on the quality, make, and setup of your printer. There are also public places you can use to print your printables like your local library or your local print shop.

Why Are Some Pages Repeated?

Some of the pages in your PDF are repeated so it’s easier for you to print them double sided. That way you have a front and back of one page that you can print over and over.

What Kind Of Paper Is Best For Printables?

Any commercial white printer paper will do. You can also use cardstock to print out your printable covers and spines for a sturdier cover. 

Copyright Information

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Still Have More Questions?

Contact me and let me know how I can help you best! I’m always willing to help you succeed.